Rugby – An introduction

charlotte-rugby-tagRugby is a contact sport, originally a men’s game. It is now enjoyed in increasing numbers by women and even mixed genders too.

There are two types of rugby – rugby league, and rugby union. The most common form is rugby union. This is form played at the Rugby world Cup.

Two teams play each other during two halves of 40 minutes each. The game is 80 minutes long – unless there is overtime.

Each team is made up of 15 players. The players are split up into forwards and backs. The forwards fight for possession of the ball and are often bigger and stronger. The backs are the ones that score tries – because of this, they are normally faster and agiler. Players can run with and kick the ball, but when they pass the ball they can only do it backwards.

There are different ways to get points

  • A try: This is when the player while holding the ball, runs over the opponents’ goal area and places the ball on the ground. The team gets 5 points.
  • A conversion: A conversion can only happen after a try. It gives the team who scored the try an opportunity to get additional points. The team attempts to kick the ball through the goal posts. The team gets 2 points.
  • A penalty: When a penalty is awarded, the team is given the opportunity to kick the rugby ball through the goal posts. The team gets 3 points if they get the ball through the goal posts.
  • Dropkick: A drop kick that goes through the goal posts also wins the team 3 points.

The scrum

Rugby is most well-known for its feature – the scrum. A scrum happens after a minor infringement. The game gets a ‘restart’. The two teams face each other, each team has their forwards place their arms around each other. The two teams crouch down, and the ball is placed between the two teams. The teams drive against each other while trying to kick the ball.